The coffee you enjoy each day has taken a long journey to arrive in your cup. When holding a clean cup of coffee and looking deeply into the cup, we will feel the magic of the process to get a clean cup of coffee. We see much farmers' hard work and a long time for coffee trees to have been cultivated and cared for. We can see the nature of the Central Highlands in the crystallization of ripe coffee cherries. And the coffee farm is where that magical journey begins.

The clean and sustainable coffee model needs the contribution of the “Farmer - Trader - Consumer.” As business owners, besides ensuring the consistent quality of our products to consumers, we understand the importance of farmers in the coffee supply chain and appreciate the farmers' labor. We want to promote the local economy and help farmers improve their living standard deserve for their labor.

We desire to enhance the value of local coffee beans and farmers' labor to bring our local quality coffee to the international market. We have associated with more than 1000 farmers in Nam Ban (Lam Ha) and Cau Dat (Da Lat) to produce high-quality green coffee beans.

Company activities for farmers:

  • Organize training before each season
  • Invite experts to farm help farmers determine what fertilizers are used, how to irrigate effectively, standard picking methods, post-harvest handling, pre-processing, or water treatment method…

  • Connecting with farmers through activities such as visiting gardens, taking care of plants in each stage of their growth, harvesting, organizing gift-giving to farmers…
  • Invest in equipment, machinery and facilities: greenhouses for drying coffee on the net, milling machines for deep and cleaner processing...
  • Commitment to purchase at a price higher than the market price

Accompanying farmers help us always ensure clean and quality coffee right from the stage of planting and taking care. This activity also helps us stabilize the supply of raw materials. Our farmers make an effort to meet strict standards in each stage of processing with us. Hopefully, quality coffee beans will bring better economic conditions to farmers and help improve their life quality. Also, each clean cup of coffee can get more health value to communities. We always believe that the best coffees come from happy farmers.